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Marshalls Shoppable Billboard



Marshalls helped New Yorkers shop for one of the most forgotten holidays of the year, Father's Day.  How did they do it? With the first ever shoppable billboard. The price of admission? A dad joke. How’d they get it? Climbers scaled the 30-foot billboard to retrieve the items for participants ranging from socks & ties to kayaks, drones and bicycles. 

Here’s how it went down:

In order to keep it a surprise we built it from the ground up the night before.

Once we were up and running, we were pretty hard to miss.


It rained on our big day, but that didn’t keep New Yorkers from shopping.


In order to play, there were just a few simple steps.

  1. Step up to the mic to tell one of our “dad-approved” Jokes.


2. Watch the board light up.


3. Choose a gift from the lit section.

3.5. Talk to Kevin Jonas? Sure, that works. Talk to Kevin Jonas.


4. One of our professional climbers will scale the board for your gift.


5. Bring the item to our tent for additional surprises.


It was that easy! While people were patiently waiting in line to fire off their dad jokes, we created this “menu” of the billboard so they can see what’s in store.


To make sure that no dad went un-gifted, we handed out these gift cards to people who didn’t have time to participate.

We designed shirts for our brand ambassadors that would make any dad proud.


We branded the sh*t out of that place, so that everyone knew where they could get their gifts & take their pics.

Some took advantage of the messaging and got some fire insta posts (mostly me).

We created social content from the day, both organic and promoted.

All in all, jokes got told, dads got gifts, & we saved fathers day from ever being forgotten again. Okay, maybe not that last part, but we did try.